Greedy Williams slowly making his way back toward full strength

Greedy Williams slowly making his way back toward full strength

Browns cornerback Greedy Williams‘ 2020 season ended before it began. He injured his right shoulder during a tackling drill Aug. 24.

No one knew the extent at the time, not even Williams.

“I thought, ‘It’s just a stinger; I’ll be out at practice tomorrow,’’’ Williams told Mary Kay Cabot of “’I ain’t trippin.’”

The Browns’ assessment of day to day turned to week to week. He underwent frequent electromyography tests whereby fine needles are inserted into the shoulder to get the muscle to fire. Nothing.

“After like three or four days, it was still kind of numb and sore, so we waited for like a week or two weeks, and it was still the same way,’’ Williams said.

The Browns placed Williams on injured reserve Oct. 12. By then, Williams and the Browns knew he had severe damage to the axillary nerve in his shoulder, which impacts the deltoid muscle among others.

Doctors told him it was a six-to-12 month injury.

He began feeling improvement in he shoulder about a month ago. Williams, who had an examination with the Browns’ medical staff Monday, estimates he’s about 60 percent back.

“When I was first able to just to reach across my body, and hold it by myself, it was just like a big shock to me, and I was happy,’’ Williams said. “I couldn’t wait to tell [the Browns medical staff] about the progression and how the shoulder was moving. It’s been a lot of excitement from there on out.’’

Williams, a second-round choice in 2019, made 47 tackles and two pass breakups in 12 games as a rookie.